Green Questions for YOU

Today’s blog post is a little different and will not be about us pushing content to you, but you pushing content to everyone.  We wanted to simply post a few questions and see what you had to say.  There are no right or wrong answers just opinions.  Simply post your answers/thoughts in the comments section.  Will be very cool to see what the readers have to say.


1 – Did you turn out the lights on Earth Hour which occurred this past Saturday (3/28 at 8:30 local time)?  Based on what you did, saw, read, or watched, do you think Earth Hour was a success?  Why?


2 – Do you have any plans for Earth Day on April 22?  Any suggestions to others reading this that are looking for ideas?


3 – Thinking back a year ago, what are some of the main ways you have become greener?


4 – What is the one Earth Promise, or change, you are going to make in the future that you have not done yet to help the environment?



  1. Kristi said

    1 – Yes, we did turn out our lights, but we also turned off our tv, computers, etc. It seems like there was a huge amount of people/companies/cities participating this year, which is great. However, I know lots of people who think that one hour once a year without lights isn’t enough.

    2 – My plans for Earth Day include volunteering to help our local Environmental Center with “Clean Your Files Day” and I’m attending a class on Aromatherapy/Reflexology. Suggestions to others – contact your local parks department or any type of environmental agency; attend activities geared toward Earth Day and/or volunteer

    3 – More organic and local products purchased, more biking to get places, organic lawn fertilizers, buy our mulch from a place were they take trees/branches/etc to turn into mulch, most of our lights are switched to CFLs, all our appliances are energy-efficient, got a clothes line for drying, have one meatless meal a week, replaced the thermostat with a programmable one

    4 – Installing a water filtration system so we don’t have to have water delivery anymore, replacing our 20 year old toilets with water efficient ones, to find porcelain or glass containers for left-overs, looking into using reclaimed wood for flooring to replace our carpets

  2. Miriam Marcus said

    1.i did turn out the lights for an hour.
    2. i will walk the Pinellas trail (in Florida) and be sure to pick up trash
    3.i now recycle; no longer leave my plastic water bottle in the car and have made sure that my reusable plastic bottle is “good” number
    4.i will turn out lights every time i leave a room

  3. Shira said

    1) Unfortunately, I did not participate due to being at in-laws’ and learning of initiative around 11pm that night. I do think, however, that my family and others could make an effort to observe this conservation practice on a more regular basis to really make a difference.

    2) I will be overseeing Earth Day initiative at JM Family Center for children infants-PreK. Hopefully my husband and daughter will attend Disney’s Earth with our good friends and authors of this blog. 🙂

    3) I purchase whole fruits rather than precut to eliminate plastic container; recycle ANYTHING that is recyclable and am happy to live in county that recycles1-6; I have trained others at work about recycling in Broward county and implemented program at my school; use reusable tupperware and other containers for my children’s lunches and snacks; turn out lights in rooms that aren’t in use, pick up litter and dispose of it properly. According to my five year old, my husband helps the earth by not always flushing the toilet and drinking directly from the juice container in the fridge so that we don’t have to turn on the dishwasher as frequently.

    4) The water filtration system is up there on my list, so that we no longer have to purchase bottled water; discontinue the use of zip lock bags completely.

  4. Sarah said

    1 – I certainly did turn the lights out again this year. The power savings are certainly not enough to save the world, but It was a success because everyone is much more aware of the plight of the environment, and the collaborative concern so many people have is a catalyst for change.

    2 – Do you have any plans for Earth Day on April 22? Any suggestions to others reading this that are looking for ideas?
    Every day should be earth day 🙂
    Support your local and international causes. If you can’t afford to invest in renewable energy (solar, wind is actually quite cheap these days), you should minimize impact where you can, and at least bookmark related sites such as for great ideas.

    3 – Thinking back a year ago, what are some of the main ways you have become greener?
    Using a lot less tap water, shorter showers, not watering garden, and even turning off dripping taps in the street that arn’t mine
    Reading a lot more website about great energy saving ideas, and green news.

    4 – What is the one Earth Promise, or change, you are going to make in the future that you have not done yet to help the environment?
    a. Set as my homepage (it’s an eco friendly “search”), more info on the site.
    b. Buy more solar panels (my existing ones are quite old), and they keep getting cheaper

  5. Meg said

    1. I did take part in Earth Hour – a warm candle lit bath and some great conversation with my lovely husband. It was really nice to do without the distractions of computers/tv!

    I personally think Earth Hour was a great success. Its a fabulous awareness raising event and it really got me (and it would seem many others) to thinking.

    2. I don’t have any plans for Earth Day at this point. But I am partipating in the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge (

    3. I have started a vege garden this year. Its coming to the end of harvest time at this end of the World (I live in NZ), but its been a great way to get plenty of good, healthy, delicious organic food – not to mention saving plenty on the gorceries!!

    4. I really want to make more of an effort to considerably reduce the amount of waste my household produces over the next year. I plan to become much more militant about the amount of packaging I purchase!!

  6. 1 – We did turn out the lights this year. It seemed that Earth Hour was a great success. I only hope that people will consider doing it more often. We’re going to try to have a lights out time at least once a month.

    2 – For Earth Day this year, we’re going to spend some time outside with our young daughters, having fun, without using electricity, spending money, or creating waste.

    3 – I’ve become much greener in the last year. We’re recycling more, we’ve started a compost pile, and are going to be growing our own organic produce. I’m more conscious of driving less and conserving fuel where possible. We’ve installed insulated windows and a high efficiency heat pump and replaced worn out appliances with ones that are Energy Star rated. Overall, we’re just trying to be much more mindful of our practices and their impact on the environment.

    4 – I want to eliminate more plastic in my life and find more ways to reduce — our consumption and our waste.

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