How Green Is Your Pet’s Pooper Scooper?

Picking up after our pets (yes, their poop) in most places it’s not only law, but common courtesy.  No one likes to do it, but it has to be done.  Although this matter is totally biodegradable, why then do we place it into a non-biodegradable bag?  If you still use regular plastic bags, let me remind you about some of the hazardous statistics:

·         Takes up to 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose

·         12 million barrels of oil used to make plastic bags

·         Less than 1% of all plastic bags get recycled in the U.S

If your dog hasn’t been taught the etiquette of pooping under a bush or in the woods, then decomposable bags are your best bet.  GreenDoggieBags is a company, started by two South Floridians that developed an alternative to the non-biodegradable bags.  Made from a cornstarch mixture, these eco-friendly bags look like their counterparts but decompose after a few months.  Not out in the market yet to purchase, GreenDoggieBags is focusing on making deals with green friendly cities.

For other Earth friendly pet information, visit, Pet Style and if you want to start making your own pet Earth Promises, click here.

Here are some pet promise examples:

To buy a collar for my pet that is made of organic canvas instead of nylon.

To buy pet treats with no packaging (from the pet store treat bar).

To speak to my veterinarian about putting my pet on a vegetarian diet, or feeding them food with less meat, poultry or fish. 



  1. The solution to pet waste is to NOT put it in the trash! This puts waste in the local landfills where it can contaminate the water source. Pet waste is known to be one of the leading causes of ground water contamination. Composting is also a poor solution as many experts claim that composting does not create temperatures high enough to kill the bacteria present in pet waste. sells the original, 100% flushable bag. It’s unique, two ply design allows the bags to hold together when they need to yet dissolve quickly in water. We also offer the WasteAway which is a back yard waste receptacle that mounts easily to your home near the plumbing cleanout. You simply scoop the waste, deposit it into the WasteAway, give it a quick shot of water and the waste is flushed into the sewer system. This keeps pet waste out of the trash and our local landfills. View these and other pet waste disposal products at

  2. Nathan said

    This was a great little read and could make a major impact with participation in urban areas. Good facts as well.

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