Hair: The Ideal Renewable Resource

Did you ever wonder what could be done with the abundance of hair clippings that cover the floors of salons and pet groomers around the world?  My stylist enlightened me about an eco-friendly company that actually collects hair clippings to make Oil Spill Hair Mats . Over 300,000 hair salons from the US, Canada, China, India, South Africa and beyond mail their hair trimmings to San Francisco based, Matter of Trust.  Think about it: hair, the most ideal renewable resource, naturally absorbs oil and acts like a perfect sponge.  These Oil Spill Mats, that look and feel like a large SOS pads, are a completely organic method of waste removal.

This eco-absorber du jour, hair, can also be collected to make fertilizer mats for plants.  According to Smart Grow, hair is a natural by-product that keeps the plants moist and prevents weeds without chemical laden fertilizers.  Living in Florida, my potted plants are loaded with weeds and constantly need to be watered.  Tests conducted on “container-grown plants grown with SmartGrow mats remained healthy and floriferous even after 18 months without fertilizing.”  Now, that’s worth trying!


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