Unfortunate Events Turn Cities Green

Headquartered in California, Global Green USA is the offshoot company of Green Cross International  which was “created by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future by reconnecting humanity with the environment.”  While the international segment’s agenda focuses on innovative methods to resolve the world’s environmental crises, the American sector spotlights the creation of green building and cities. 

One of the various pioneering programs Global Green USA is proud to be a part of is Rebuilding New Orleans. The 2005 aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was horrific.  The government’s initial apathetic response to this catastrophic event drove Global Green USA to help rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.  Brad Pitt, after visiting the Lower 9th Ward section of New Orleans, knew he had to aid this desperate community and its people.  He work(ed) with Global Green to sponsor an architecture competition aimed at generating ideas about how to rebuild sustainably.”  It was important that the focus of this reconstruction didn’t alter the integrity of the district’s soul.  He wanted to “Make it Right” and Pitt was able to initiate this by collaborating with a team that would focus on bettering the pre and post-Katrina environmental conditions.    Experts in green architecture and sustainable redevelopment specialists are working together to get as many of the Lower 9th Ward district population back to their neighborhood.   Willingly, Brad Pitt continues his charitable eco-mission of rebuilding New Orleans.  Let’s hope these large scale environmental rebuilding efforts continue.  




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