Water Rationing Is Not Just For Californians

California’s third year of drought is cause for alarm.  Reservoirs are low even though there have been large amounts of snow from storms lately.

NPR’s, Morning Edition  announced, ”California has declared a statewide water emergency in the face of a punishing three-year drought. It could result in some drastic conservation measures and water rationing over the coming months, stretching from California’s farm belt to major coastal cities like Los Angeles.”

Also the Sacramento Bee  has an eye-opening article how the lack of water is causing a detrimental trickle effect; the “thirsty farms”, the dwindling number of fish in the estuary, and lack of jobs is real and frightening.  The amount of produce the country relies on California for is staggering.  Some farmers will buy water on the open market to keep orchards alive”  Purchase water?  Is this what our over-indulgent country has deteriorated to?  This is an enormous wake-up call for our country to take action now.

Make promises to help our precious Earth.  Here are a few of the countless suggestions from Earth Promise that everyone can do that will make a big difference: 

·         To take shorter showers.  Every two minutes you cut down on your shower can conserve more than 10 gallons of water.  This will not only save you time, but money on your water bill.

·         To run only full loads in the dishwasher. By running the dishwasher when it is not full, you will do so more often, thus using more electricity.

·         To not pre-rinse dishes if possible before putting them in the dishwasher.  If you do need to give them a rinse, don’t allow the water to run. 

·         To turn off the tap while brushing my teeth.

·         To flush one less time per day (obviously picking the right time not to).  By doing this, you can save up to 5 gallons per day.

·         To plug the drain in the tub before turning on the water instead of waiting for it to get warm.

·         To use drip irrigation or soaker hoses in my garden and/or flower bed instead of regular sprinklers which will use less water.



  1. creativegreenius said

    Great post with some terrific tips.

    It’s too bad today’s Los Angeles Times didn’t do as good a job on this story as you have. They poo-poo’d the drought saying it’s not that bad and not to worry so much.

    Unfortunately their “story” didn’t include all the reductions in water supply we’re now seeing as a result in cutbacks from the Delta, from the Colorado River, from the Owens Valley.

    While newspapers slowly die and do a crappier and crappier job of delivering real news and information it’s going to be up to we green bloggers to make up the difference.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Rondi said

    We always have a full load of dishes, and then some. My worst habit is my warm bath. I do plug the water and don’t wait for it to get hot, but still…my bath uses more water than a shower. I get so cold and it is my way of defrosting. Maybe I should move back to Florida. We try to follow this rule: If it’s yellow, let it mellow; If it’s brown, flush it down. We need to use less TP around here because mellowing the yellow sometimes leads to wads of TP.

  3. Miriam Marcus said

    Florida, too, is experiencing a drought. We need to be aware of conserving our water. I do a laundry once a week; diswasher once a week. I do shower daily……(don’t want to lose friends…)but do not stay in as long as I once did. Don’t order water in restaurants unless you really will drink it. My sprinkler system (in the cold months) is only used once a week. The grass will come back green I am told. Let’s do everything to save our planet for the next generation!!!!

  4. Zembeauty said

    California has a lot of company. Droughts not only throughout the US, but world wide. This is just the beginning. Your right on target and we all should act on this wake up call.
    Promises should be made and kept.


  5. creativegreenius said

    Rip out the grass and put in drought tolerant Florida native plants. Lawns are a waste of water and other resources. The chemicals and pesticides used on lawns across the country don’t do anyone any good – except the companies who profit off them at our expense.

    The concept of a green lawn is just a scam foisted on us by the British. We’d all be better off getting over the concept of a green lawn representing us in some phony way. We should plant vegetables on our property and share with our neighbors.

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