How Green Are Your Children?

Last week I recommended ecological books for children, green websites for both adults and children, and provided jumpstart ideas that you and your children can partake in to help care for the environment.  Children need to recognize the importance of making promises and changes to help protect the Earth to make it a safer place.  Knowing that no matter how small the action they take, their changes can make a difference is empowering. We need our children to protect and respect our environment for our future.

Are your children aware of what green activities are going on in their community?  Do they practice the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle?  Do they understand global warming and how it can affect them in the future?  Being conscious of children’s attitudes and behaviors concerning the environment is enlightening. My 9 year old daughter, Emily, wanted me to share the changes she has made and what she plans to do to help spread the word:

Some of the things that I do to help the Earth…

·         I try my best to not throw away paper or plastic and put them in the recycling bins.

·          I sometimes water the plants in my backyard to keep them healthy and keep the watering can outside so that rain can fill it instead of always using the hose. 

·         At school I tell people to recycle something instead of throwing it in the trashcan. My school’s aftercare program has the 4th and 5th graders help take out the recycling bins and they get little Earth prizes. For my school’s carnivals, I help make signs to remind everyone to recycle in the right bins.

·          I go to and make my promises and try my best to do them.

·         I always tell my parents to get recycling bins for my room and my sister’s since we use a lot of paper when we do our homework or art projects.  For my homework I try to squeeze my sentences on one piece of paper so I don’t have to waste another one.  I also try to remember to turn my light and fan off when I leave my room.

·         A lot more people in the world suddenly realize how important it is to recycle.

Call to action – Ask your children their thoughts regarding promises they would like to make.  How can you and your children help change people’s habits?  Green children become green adults.

For ideas to initiate your green promises, check out what is listed on



  1. Amber said

    It was nice to see your blog.Just Keep Writing!

    Don’t pay for your electricity any longer…
    Instead, the power company will pay YOU!

  2. Alex said

    Very cute — it is nice seeing the next generation caring much earlier than we did.

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