Green Guide to Grown-Up Eco-Websites

For the eco-minded grown-ups (not only parents!), there are a slew of sites that tout their “green” agenda.  Here is my personal directory of “green” websites that excel in providing entertaining and enlightening eco-information:  

Sites for Grown-ups and Parents:

Teensygreen  is a well-written site offering information about earth-friendly toys, activities, books, and more for the teensy (aka, kids) population’s care-givers. “With the right information, parents can make better decisions about what kinds of products they bring into their homes for their kids, as well as give to others.”  Not only are the reviews practical, but allow us to get into the competitive writing spirit with fun giveaways.  The rules are always the same and entice the readers to visit the reviewed site asking them to leave a personal comment about the specified product.

5 Minutes for Going Green  is another fun site that offers cool, easy tidbits of information to help make your world just a bit greener.  

Ecobunga  Now who doesn’t like a chance to win a prize….and an eco-friendly one to boot?!!!  Filled with giveaways, coupons and contests, Ecobunga offers ways to “win green” and “save green”.

Green and Clean Mom  is a site that incorporates green tips, reviews of eco-friendly products and current green news.  Written in whimsical prose, Green and Clean Mom fancies eco-mothers “to be the green, sexy and sassy mom”.

I’ve also been partial to Nature Moms Blog . The founder, Tiffany is a true eco-girl at heart.  Her blog touches on some controversial topics.  As Tiffany states in her brief bio, “here you will find random thoughts and experiences of a mom trying to live a more natural family live, for the health and for the planet.”

Sara Snow .  The daughter of Eden Foods, American Soy Products and Blue Horizon Organic Seafood’s co-founder, Sara Snow is not too shabby herself.  She left her career as a television producer and launched her own TV shows on the Discovery Channel: Living Fresh and Get Fresh with Sara Snow. Her philosophy is simple: try to live a simple attainable green lifestyle.  Her personable site offers green advice, healthy recipes, and information about her eco-travels.


And of course, don’t forget to visit Earth Promise’s home page to make your personal promises to make your world a little bit greener!



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