Green Your Child’s Reading List

Every child deserves to have a good book read to her.  Reading aloud is one of the most important activities you as a parent, grandparent, sibling, or caregiver can do together. No matter what your values are, reading can help communicate via illustrations and stories.  Those “green” parents who want to share their eco-values with their offspring can do so by reading or supplying books about the environment.  Here are some of my favorites:


·         The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss is my all-time favorite.  To say the least, he was ahead of his time when it was published in 1971!!  Through his whimsical play on nonsense words, Dr. Seuss educates his readers not to destroy our environment.  In the end, our future is left in the hands of a child. Indeed, this tale is timeless.

·         Planet Earth Gets Well, by Madeline Kaplan. This book introduces its readers to detailed changes you can make to help Earth become healthy.

·         365 Penguins, by  Jean-Luc Fromental. A family unexpectedly receives one penguin each day for one year….thus the title, 365 Penguins.  Not only does this engaging book tie in math, but also ecology and geography.

·         The Down to Earth Guide to Global Warming, by Laurie David and Cambria Gordon. Amusing, educational and empowering; this book provides the readers with the knowledge to inspire and to take action.

·         The Last Polar Bears, by Harry Horse.  A grandfather and his dog engage on an expedition to find a polar bear living in the wild.  Told through various letters written to his grandson at home, Grandfather and his canine pal encounter various humorous obstacles.

·         The Tree , by Dana Lyons and David Lane Danioth.  This splendidly illustrated book (inspired by a song which includes the cd) is about an ancient fir living in the Pacific Rain forest.  The Tree talks of his long life: what he has seen and sheltered over his 800 years.  This is undoubtedly a nature’s treasure.

·         Why Should I?  by Jen Green. This enjoyable easy to read series demonstrates the importance of protecting nature.


Come and visit tomorrow for more resources to engage your family in helping the environment.



  1. Zembeauty said

    It’s wonderful how you speak to the parents and grandparents.
    We must all listen so we can probably guide our children.

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  3. We have (and love) some of these books, and thanks for the new suggestions! I love the variety of eco-kid’s books on shelves now – it’s empowering and encouraging!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi. We have a green children’s book that is perfect for your “Green List”! It is called “ECOLOGY FROM A TO Z” written by Jacob Angel. You can see many pages on Amazon’s “Search inside the book” feature. We hope this message reaches lots of children! The future belongs to them. The book is a fun to read rhyme about a little boy who is walking through the woods and meets a new pal, Irv the Turtle. Irv takes him on a magical journey through the alphabet in an effort to raise awareness on ecology. This book teaches simple solutions on protecting the environment and saving the Earth’s natural resources. A portion of ALL proceeds go to an Earth friendly charity and we are offering the book as a GREEN FUNDRAISER to any school or non-profit org. 🙂

  5. […] Green Your Child’s Reading List […]

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