How To Make Your Oscar Party Green

Are you hosting an Oscar party this weekend?  Let’s talk about shopping and how the small changes you make can make a big impact.  Be a motivated green shopper with these easy tips:

·         Be sure to make a list.  This will reduce the number of times you will need to go to the store; less trips means less use of gas (assuming you need a car to shop!)

·         Buy organic and/or local

·         To bring a cloth or canvas bag to the store. I always have a bunch in various sizes in my car and even carry a funky compact reisenthel bag in my purse.  This way, if I do forget to bring a bag, I’ll always have an extra. (If you are one who often forgets to bring your bags, many stores have “remember your bags!”stickers you can place on the inside of your car window.)

·         To decline the offer of a bag from a store if I am buying a small number of items.

·         To request paper bags at checkout instead of plastic if I do not have canvas bags with me.

·         Buy in bulk whether it’s dish detergent or food.  There is less packaging and many times, it is less expensive.

·         Use your everyday dishes and cloth napkins. Try not to use paper products.  If the thought overwhelms you, be sure, then, to purchase eco-friendly ones made from recycled products.

·         Print out Oscar voting ballots using the unused side of paper.

These effortless changes can greenify your Oscar party. 

If you haven’t already, join Earth Promise to make, and keep track of your personal promises



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