Green Vehicle Tips

In one of the many industries that is struggling to survive today, car manufacturers are scrambling to boost the fuel efficiency of their models in the hopes to broaden appeal.  If you are (one of the few) in the market to purchase a new car, provides a thorough listing of America’s Greenest cars of 2009.  From the Honda Civic GX, which is natural gas powered, to the well known hybrid,Toyota Prius; there are various automobiles to choose from in the comprehensive list. Buying a hybrid or more fuel efficient car releases less smog and fewer green house gases compared to the average automobile.  You can also save more than 20 gallons of gas per month as opposed to the average vehicle. 


In today’s economic turmoil, buying a car may not be your main concern.  What can you do to help lessen your carbon footprint?  Try to make your car more fuel efficient.  Below are some easy ideas you can implement:

·         To check the air filter in my car each month as regular maintenance of your car will help it run more efficiently thus saving money over the year.

·         To keep the window of my car closed when I am driving on the highway and use the air conditioner or heater instead.  Driving at high speeds with open windows can decrease efficiency of the car as it has to work harder and will consume more fuel. 

·         To keep my car tuned up. A car tune-up can improve its efficiency up to 50%.  This will extend the life of your car, decrease fuel consumption, and save money of gas as well as car repairs. 

·         To use antifreeze for my car made from propylene glycol and avoid conventional types which are higher in toxins.

·         To drive around the speed limit.  Improve your car’s efficiency by slowing down.  This can amount to 2%per mile reduced when you are driving over 65mph.  By simply driving 55mph verses 65mph, you will use about 15% less fuel.


Visit Earth Promise and see how your vehicle changes can make an enormous impact.  

Join Earth Promise to make, and keep track of your personal promises



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