Reusable Coffee/Tea Mugs

Many of us have these personal sippers perched in the back of our cabinets.  We don’t always make the time to brew our own coffee or seep our own tea at home, which, of course, would be a great financial savior in today’s economic crisis.  Try to have a spare travel mug in your car (or bag if you are a city dweller).   So when you make that coffee shop pit stop, you can use your own mug and save the environment, too.  You’d be surprised how many coffee shops are willing to fill your travel mug; some may even give you a discount for being so eco-savvy!

Yes, your Earth Promise to always tote an extra travel mug will make a difference.  Imagine the impact it would make on the amount of trees destroyed to make these paper coffee cups. (I haven’t even touched on the amount of energy used to produce the plastic lids on these piping hot portable drinks!)

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