Green Wines For Valentine’s Day?

You want only the best for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. This year take the opportunity to do something simple yet romantic with your beloved; share a candlelit meal together.  What better way to express your love than sharing a nice bottle of eco-friendly wine.

Not only are there an abundance of Organic wines to choose from today, but Biodynamic wines (aka, BD wines), as well.

Biodynamic wines use a method of organic farming that combines spiritual and holistic development.  It uses an advanced emphasis on food quality and soil health.  Organic farming simply uses techniques to have the best, purest soil possible.  The basic principle behind biodynamic farming, then, is to treat the farm as an individual living organism. Biodynamic farming goes even further to recognize the existence of subtle energy forces in nature.  

For your wine/astronomical lover, here are some Biodynamic wines to please the palate:

Quivira Wine, produces Biodynamic wines with an emphasis on sustainability and minimal impact. “Committed to expressing the unique terrain of Dry Creek Valley, and through biodynamic processes, they craft wines only from grapes grown on the estate’s vineyards.”

The Resonance Vineyard in Oregon offers Biodynamically certified wines.  The entire packaging is recyclable as well.  

How about purchasing a nice bottle for your Valentine under $25?  Perfect for our current economic climate.   Below are some Organic options that won’t empty your wallet:

Organic Wine Press has sampler packs and wine of the month club options.

Organic Vinters touts their broad selection from around the world.  These Organic (and some vegan) options are not only healthier, but better for the environment. 

Bonterra Vineyards philosophy of respect for the land produces not only premier wines, but beauty in a bottle that won’t break your budget.  The winery in Hopland Bonterra uses only renewable energy, including solar, and trucks and tractors run on biodiesel.

Obviously the most green-friendly option is to drink local.  Find a winery that practices environmentally responsible production nearby since a lot of fossil fuels gets burned transporting your gift.

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  1. katy said

    Thanks for this great list! Another way of defining green for me is the packaging. Boxed wine is a real eco choice – less packaging and weight mean less weight and fossil fuels used in transport. Companies like Bota Box ( are using recycled materials in their packaging too.

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