Greening Your Valentine’s Day–Organic Chocolates for Your Sweetheart


What better way to seduce your lover than via chocolate? Yesterday we provided some impressive sites for organic flowers.  Today’s “green” Valentine gift ideas pertain to organic chocolates.  Below are some sites that will not only arouse your taste buds but will promote improved social conditions for the environment and the livelihood of the producers.


Viva Terra offers an array of beautifully made organic, sustainable chocolates.  Be sure to check out their organic chocolate bon bons and truffles; they’re almost too beautiful to eat!

Touted as winning 1st Place in the San Francisco Chronicle Tasting, Sweet Earth Chocolates, has a plethora of chocolates gifts for your sweetheart.  From adorable Valentine bags of hearts to their classic red velvet box, Sweet Earth Chocolates provides 100% organic and fair trade products. Since each individual is partial to different varieties of chocolates, this site allows you to choose your own personal  variety: dark chocolate, hazelnut or milk chocolate.


Equal Exchange’s concept provides a “food system that empowers farmers and consumers, supports small farmer co-ops, and uses sustainable farming methods.”  Their high quality chocolates bars are produced by farmers all over the world.  Not only do they offer an array of chocolate gift boxes, but you can also show your loved one how much you love the Earth as well by Donating to the Small Farmers Green Planet Fund.


For your art lover you can present chocolate and art.  Ithaca Fine Chocolates offers organic, fair trade certified bars of decadence.  Each Art Bar features a contemporary artwork by an international adult or child artist.  For Valentine’s Day, (and an additional $3) a box of 5 deliciously exquisite Art Bars are elegantly packaged with a hand-written gift card.

Like fine wines, your lover should enjoy the full experience of what chocolate has to offer: the feeling of good organic chocolate should not only leave a subtle and pleasant sensations in the mouth, but an overall pleasurable mood.

Be sure to visit tomorrow’s blog recommending organic wines.

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