Lessen Your Carbon Footprint This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and although the color du jour is red, you can make it green without changing the passion of the holiday.  Over the next few days we’ll introduce several ideas that will allow you to indulge your eco-conscious loved ones to green gifts.

Today our focus will be on organically grown flowers.  Most organic flora are imported from as far as China, Costa Rica or Ecuador.  Some may think, if you choose to purchase organic flowers without all those nasty pesticides, fungicides and growth regulators that are harmful to the farmers and the environment, the amount of energy emitted to actually get those beautiful flowers (via flying and trucking) may be defeating the purpose.   Gerald Prolman, CEO of Organic Bouquet believes “we still must be conscious of the impact from trucking and flying the flowers. To compensate for that aspect, we will soon introduce a CO2 offset program to which we will contribute a portion of every sale, as well as provide an opportunity for our customers to contribute.”

If buying local organic flowers is your choice, you acknowledge this is a great way to support your local farming communties.

Below are some great sites to visit if organic flowers are your method of sending love:

·         Organic Bouquet is the site that has partnered with The Climate Trust (www.climatetrust.org) to begin a carbon offset program that lessens greenhouse gases produced from shipping

·         California Organic Flowers is a small family farm with expert flower growers and professional floral designers

·          Local Harvest  is a superb site that allows you find sellers in your area who sell organic, fresh flowers.  

Be sure to show your loved one that you not only love her/him but the Earth, too!

Visit, Earth Promise, for more eco-worthy changes you can make.

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