Greening Your Electronic Habits

Think of all the electronics in your house: in the kitchen you have the refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, coffee maker, can-opener, microwave.  Move to the bathroom:  hairdryer and electric razor.  Think of your living room/family room: TV, DVD player, video game console.  Your home office has your computer and cell phone charger. Pretty unbelievable considering we haven’t even touched on every  electronic in these rooms or even the other rooms of the house!

Here are some great ideas on how to greenify your home without changing your lifestyle:

Cell phones and video games are two of the many electronics that people are starting to purchase on an annual basis.  It is necessary, then, to change our end of use habits.

 Many stores, gyms, and community centers have boxes set up to collect old, used cell phones to donate to victims of domestic violence. A brother and sister from Massachusetts started a worthy program, Cell Phones For Soldiers, where they collect discarded cell phones and send them to soldiers around the world.

Little did I know, you can actually get cash (from a few dollars to over $100) for your old, used cell phone. Check out, Simply, find your model cell phone, request a postage paid box, and send back the cell phone with its charger. They will verify all the contents and mail you a check. Cell For Cash has many models to choose from, but if your particular phone is quite archaic, you just may have to donate it. Cell For Cash has a variety of safe options for you to recycle your cell phone.

So what to do with the old video games and consoles? One idea would be to donate electronic items or games that still work to a local day care center, school, or charity.  Another good option is, Gazelle, an online site whose primary goal is to be your one stop-shop for selling or recycling all consumer electronics.

Be aware of all the plugs and outlets you are using. Ask yourself if it is an appliance that can be unplugged when not in use.  Every little bolt of electricity makes a difference in the end.

For more changes you can make around your house, visit, Earth Promise.

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