Basic Green Bathroom Ideas

Continuing from yesterday’s list of small changes within your house that can have a big impact on our environment, we’re moving out of kitchen and into the bathroom.   These basic green bathroom ideas will save you water, energy and quite important in today’s economic climate, they will save you money.

– For a great investment, purchasing a low-flow toilet will, no doubt, pay you back over time.  However, if replacing your toilet does not fit into your budget these days, here’s another option:  To place a small plastic bottles, filled with water or stones in the toilet tanks to displace the amount of water in toilets, causing a “low-flush toilet” effect

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.  Think about all that water going down the drain as you brush!

Take shorter showers

Replace your shower head with a low-flow version.  Installing a low-flow head is the best way to conserve water. These low-flow shower heads range from $8 to $50 depending upon the features. Important to note: these low-flow varieties will lower water waste, and still offer strong shower head pressure. 

To plug the drain in the tub before turning on the water instead of waiting for it to get warm.

Use 100% recycled toilet paper


To get inspired with more great green changes that you can do in your home, visit, Earth Promise.


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