An Open Letter to President Obama About the Environment

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations to you, your family, to this country and all others around the world.  With you as our president, many aspects of our society will improve as we leave one administration and start another. 

Today is a day of service your wife has led, Martin Luther King Day, and the final countdown to your inauguration.  While you have a lot to turn your attention to, I ask you to make the environment and the climate crisis a focal point.  It is connected to so many aspects of our lives and policies, and as you have indicated, it is important to make it one of our top priorities.  I am the Founder of Earth Promise (, an online community dedicated to bringing people together who want to take better care of the environment.  We provide an easy way for people to make, track and keep promises about actions that will benefit the earth.  I am writing today to learn about your Earth Promises and how you can impact those made by others.  You are the leader to move us forth.  President Bush did not view this as a top priority.  I ask you to please make it one.

Why am I writing this letter to you?  It is for your two daughters.  It is for my two daughters.  It is for their generation and the ones that follow.  Yes, we will pay the price for inaction on this issue.  But left as is, it will get worse and worse for them.     

We all need to think about the environment, and how it affects us and our future generations.  The polar bears, the trees, the ice caps cannot speak.  We need to take action and help them.   We need to take action to protect them.  We need to take action and speak for them.  I think Dr. Seuss said it best in his book The Lorax, written WAY ahead of its time (1971).  “I am the Lorax.  I speak for the trees.” We need to speak for the trees.

Your New Energy Plan for America is an outline for success in this area with support.  We need the backing of politicians and corporations to help us down the path to fix this crisis.  We also need the average person.  They need to be educated on the impact of global warming and know they can take steps to help.  While there are many sites, TV shows, and movies about this issue, no voice can come through stronger to people than yours.  Speak for the trees.

An individual has many opportunities to take action and make Earth Promises or changes in their lifestyles to benefit the environment.  From reducing ones use of water, electricity, and gas and reducing the amount of waste, all of us can make a difference.   These potential changes can be seen in all aspects of our lives from the home and school to shopping and food to travel and cars.  Many are easy steps that may not appear to be a lot on its own, but when many people take similar actions, the impact grows exponentially. 

You can help with these Earth Promises as well.  We need your help to generate momentum to create programs that enable, incent and drive groups of people to make these Earth Promises.  Encouraging schools to implement recycling programs and give them an incentive to do so.  For top schools, maybe that incentive is new energy efficient computers, or even a trip to visit you.  The effect of such a program will not only have a direct effect on the environment but will teach students about the crisis.  Think of the viral impact.  How about working with retailers to eliminate the use of plastic bags?  Give a tax credit not just for being in a certain tax bracket, but for taking action to help the environment.  What about a program revolving around planting trees? 

While many people are already taking steps to help the environment, there are still many who are not.  We need to change them from just thinking green to acting green.  With your words, with your guidance, with your encouragement, you can make these Earth Promises part of the lives of more and more people. 

As my colleagues and I worked on taglines for Earth Promise, we kept coming up with ones that included the word Change.  Of course, you ended up taking a lot of the good ones! But it is what we need to do regarding global warming and the climate crisis.  In the end, we decided on a tagline that works as well.  It is Caring Together.  We need to care for this planet, care for our trees and animals, and care for ourselves.  But mostly, together we need to care for our future generations.  For our daughters, and for our future.

I wish you nothing but the best as you steer this country down the path it needs to go.


Adam Berg

Founder, Earth Promise



  1. Wind4me said

    Irony is beautiful that most folks talk about the first black President but I say , “”He is the First Green President”’…….for his children and yours, I am hoping that Obama delivers the campaign promises and embraces towards Wind Power and gets us away from polluting coal! Excellent letter, I will take it to Twitter and my blog and spread the windy love around the world!

  2. I dare to be so bold as to believe that this letter will, indeed, one day reach the desk, or a the very least, the Blackberry of President Obama. I also have faith in not only our new President, but for our generation and that of our children, that together we will make the changes necessary to help save our planet and in so doing, help save ourselves. We’re on a brink, but I think we finally know it. Well done Adam.

  3. Having just witnessed President Obama’s acceptance speech as President of the United States it gives me hope for all facets of our life. As we move forward I feel that one of his priorities has to be saving our planet and all living things within it. Change is upon us and I know your cause will be a priority with all the other many priorities. The times are a changing, for the good!

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