Energy Efficiency To Revitalize the Economy

The numbers tell all–jobless rate leaps (not just jumps) to a high of 7.2%.  The idea that President-elect Barack Obama has the vision to revitalize our economy and help our environment simultaneously gives our nation hope.  We are waiting on the edges of our seats for the big day of January 20th.

In Brandi Colander’s blog, she astutely explains how Obama’s tax cut to the American people combined with improving energy efficiency for millions of homes can be the foundation to strengthen our severely weakened economy.  The amount of jobs that energy effiecieny can generate is encouraging. 

 A lifestyle change is what is in order:  an earth promise  that each one of us needs to make.   As a nation, we need to work together to alter our way of thinking.  “With a consistent commitment to these goals supported by adequate policies and funding, it is evident that although unsexy, energy efficiency has mass appeal and we will continue to “read all about it” in many headlines to come.”

To read Colander’s blog, go to

To get ideas on what small changes you can do to help Obama’s green initiative, visit,


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