Stop Purchasing Bottled Water

It’s a new year, so without further adieu, make an earth promise to stop buying bottled water!  No, bottled water is not healthier.  In fact, most of the time, it is just plain tap water.  Switching to a reusable bottle can save you loads of money, too.  That sounds nice in today’s economy.  And, of course, keeping our landfills free of all that plastic is a huge plus.  In the Lighter Footstep website, be sure to read the Five reasons Not To Drink Bottled Water.

With the plethora of portable bottles to choose from, you can tote one that suits you.  There are various stainless steel or aluminum water bottles.  If you choose a plastic water bottle, check the number on the bottom first: Plastics numbered 3,6 and 7 could pose a health threat to you, so look for plastics numbered 1, 2, 4 or 5.   High heat from a dishwasher will not only make the life of the bottle last longer, but keep you safe from toxins such as pthalates, styrene, or bisphenol A.  Whichever type you do decide to purchase, be sure to wash with warm soapy water.


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