Earth Promise Green Tips for the Holidays

What can you do to make the upcoming holidays green?  I know everyone wants a white Christmas.  But I hope Bing Crosby would want a green one during the crisis we are in now.  With less than two weeks to all the various holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc), here are a three quick and easy steps you can take to dream of that Green Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.

Throwing a party?  Instead of using paper plates, plastic utensils, and paper napkins, why not buy a set of plates, utensils and other party items that can be re-used at next year’s holiday party.  You will save the expense next year and the dirty plastic dishes won’t end up in a land fill.

Wrapping the gifts?  Use old magazines, use newspaper, use a nice bag that you already received instead of paper.  Once again, it will save you money and also think of what happens – you pay for a roll of paper, you wrap the gifts (always having extra scraps that get tossed), the person unwraps the gift and the paper immediately gets  thrown in the garbage.   One option – carefully open the wrapping paper to save and reuse for another gift.  Reuse – one of the Big Three Rs.  

Sending out holiday cards?  How about get a nice picture of the family, the dog, the Christmas tree and attach it to an email.  Write some kind holiday words and send them out.  Even make reference to why you are emailing versus sending.  You will save oodles of money not having to get the picture printed on a nice card, the envelopes and the stamps.  And once again – think of the waste.  All the envelopes…and a lot of people I am sorry to say, throw the card away too.  Email it out.  It’s cheap and you don’t have to write out the addresses either!

Make these Earth Promises today.  Each small step we take will have a positive effect on the environment.  You may think my wrapping paper won’t matter.  But imagine if your entire family or neighborhood did the same.  Caring Together.

Check out Earth Promise for many other promises you can make to benefit the environment.


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