Learn About Global Warming From Different Points of View Around the World

MSNBC.com has a great interactive tool which takes you aroud the world and shows you pictures, stories, articles, videos and explanations about how global warming is impacting different areas.  It is entitled, Vital Signs of a Warming World – The Science, Impacts, and Scenarios of Climate Shifts.   It uses Microsoft Live Earth to go aroud the globe to get the different stories.  From the polar bears to the rising waters to the droughts and hurricanes.  It all impacts us.  

While we need big business and the goverment to help, we can make an impact that can be just as big if we band together to make changes in our lives to benefit the environment.  From reducing the amount of gas, water, electricity and waste in our lives, we can make a difference.  Earth Promise is a place where you can learn about the changes you can make, what their impact is and then document them so you can track your progress. 

After you make that promise, do everything you can to keep that promise!

Check out the full database of promises at the Earth Promise site.  Sign up (it’s free), take action and start making a difference.

Become an Earth Promise member


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