Help the Environment While at Your Kitchen Sink

Periodically, we will take you around the house to give you tips on simple changes, or Earth Promises, that can make a difference both with regard to the environment as well as to your wallet.  And we will not only do the basics like the garage or general electricity in the house.  We will throw in everything including the kitchen sink.  Well, that is a perfect place to start…the kitchen sink.

Here are four easy Earth Promises you can make while standing at the kitchen sink.  

1 – Use concentrated dish soap.  You have to use much less of it which means you have to buy less of those plastic bottles.  

2 – When you are washing dishes, food, or your hands, do not put the water on full blast.  In most cases, it is not needed.  A slower flow means less wasted water.

3 – Instead of washing fruits and vegetables under running water, fill up a bowl with water and use that.  Once again, less wasted water

4 – If you have a decent dishwasher, only rinse off dishes that are covered with food or are a total mess.  If there are a few crumbs on the plate, that’s okay.  Put directly into the dishwasher.  Once again (you got it), less wasted water.

There are many other ways to make a difference.  For more Earth Promises for the kitchen, other areas of the house, or any other aspect of your lifestyle, become a member (it’s free!) of Earth Promise. 



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