Survey Stats on Magazines Being Green

Ad Age ran an article on a survey that Hearst Magazines conducted (they publish many mags including Cosmo, Redbook, Esquire, Town & Country, and many more).  They asked their subscribers questions about taking green steps and the statistics were very interesting.  As the repsonses towards pro green practices increase, we will start seeing some big differences with how companies, both publications and others, do business.  These stats combined with the massive uptick in the commericals on TV about companies taking a green step, show that the awareness is increasing not only on the environmental issues, but how we can help to solve the problem.


Readers Do Care if Their Magazines Are Green

Hearst Survey Finds 43% Would Pay More for Titles That Use Recycled Paper

NEW YORK ( — Magazine readers are concerned about the environment and are already taking steps to live more sustainably, according to a survey of Hearst Magazines subscribers aged 13 and up. Almost four out of five respondents agreed that everyone should care about being eco-friendly, the survey found.

Just 43% of respondents agreed with the statement “If I learned that a product I regularly use was not eco-friendly, I would stop buying it.” At the same time, 43% said they would pay more for a magazine printed on recycled paper, while 39% said they would pay more for a magazine committed to eco-friendly practices.

New attention
The magazine industry has been paying new attention to its environmental impact and to reader attitudes about the environment. The subject of sustainability took the main stage for the first time at the American Magazine Conference earlier this month, and Active Interest Media’s Backpacker magazine gave a presentation to attendees demonstrating how it had reduced its carbon footprint to below that of the average cheeseburger.


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