New ‘Green’ Ad Claim Regulations Coming Next Year

Good article on the Federal Trade Commission updating the regulation of companies “green” practices in advertising.    The third paragraph sums it up for what the goals are.  

New ‘Green’ Ad Claim Regulations Coming Next Year 

by Karlene Lukovitz, Monday, Oct 20, 2008

 In recent years, the Federal Trade Commission has pursued few cases alleging that companies have engaged in deceptive advertising in regard to claims about their “green” practices. But that could change to some extent next year.

 The FTC is re-examining its “Green Guides,” the primary tool in federal regulation of green advertising claims, originally released in 1992.

The U.S. business community is hoping that the updating will clarify gray areas, and therefore make it easier for companies to understand and adhere to green-related advertising regulations.

However, it’s also likely that once the new standards are in place, the FTC will seek to establish legal precedents by going after companies that appear to have been using deceptive green advertising claims, according to David Young, partner in the legal firm Goodwin Procter LLP and a specialist in counseling corporations and organizations in environmental and other regulatory matters.

The FTC brought 37 cases involving environmental marketing claims between 1990 and 2000–but it has brought no cases specifically coming out of the Green Guides’ guidelines since 2000, Young notes.

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