On Global Warming, McCain and Obama Agree: Urgent Action Is Needed

The New York Times had a story in sunday’s edition about where Senator Obama and Senator McCain stand on global warming.  It is a good article which includes a useful chart showing a comparison of the two on specific related issues (Click on the link under Multimedia on the left side of the article).  Both think that the matter is urgent which is good (an agreement!!!) and I sense whoever becomes president will make this a key focus.

On Global Warming, McCain and Obama Agree: Urgent Action Is Needed


 Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama part company on many issues, but they agree that the Bush administration’s policies on global warming were far too weak.

Both candidates say that human-caused climate change is real and urgent, and that they would sharply diverge from President Bush’s course by proposing legislation requiring sharp cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by midcentury.

Such rare agreement has both industry and environmental groups expecting a big shift, no matter who is elected, on three fronts where the United States has been largely static for eight years: climate legislation, expansion of nonpolluting energy sources and leadership in global talks on fashioning a new climate treaty.

But quick progress could be held hostage to the financial crisis and the prospect of a worldwide recession. The economic turmoil could force the next president to delay legislation that imposes major new costs on struggling businesses or raises energy prices for consumers.

Read Full Article (remember the Multimedia link on the left)



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