Introduction of Earth Promise’s Blog

Welcome to Earth Promise’s blog.  This is an exciting step for us and we hope you enjoy reading it.  Entries will consist of news relating to the environment, updates that are occurring on the Earth Promise site, and most importantly, ideas for how we can all help and have a positive impact.  We want it to be informative, interesting and also entertaining.     

Any ideas you have for blog posts or recommendations for any aspect of the Earth Promise site, please let us know. 

Earth Promise is an online community dedicated to bringing people together who want to take better care of the environment.  We provide an easy way for people to make, track and keep promises about actions that will benefit the earth. 

In addition to provide an easy way for people to make, track and keep promises, Earth Promise will inform and teach you about related issues, allow you to connect with others, enable you to easily spread the word and teach and motivate you. But most importantly, it encourages people to take action.

Earth Promise allows us to act as a united voice to awaken people about damage that has been and is continuing to be done to the environment and how we can all help.  The issue is serious.  This is not just our problem.  This will affect our children and our children’s children unless we take action now. 

The viral aspect of the site will enable the exponential increase of awareness of these promises that can have a huge impact.  Making an Earth Promise, whether large or small, affects not just the individual who makes it.  The promise can be viewed by many others and act as their motivation to take similar action.  One’s promise can immediately become someone else’s promise.   

Being a part of this community allows you to interact with others who are also interested in protecting the environment.  They can share their goals for change by informing you, but they can also learn from you.   

Get inspired and inspire others.  Together, we will be a caring and positive voice for the environment.




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  1. FamilyofFive said

    This is my first visit here and I wanted to just say thanks. I’m really interested in what I can do to make life easier for my children. I found a couple of sites that have been helpful and there is a new one that you might want to check out yourself. It’s called LayZ Green People. I will share Earth Promise site with my friends who are steering me into the green living world. Thanks again for the great links for my children to visit.

    LayZ Green is a unique site that is actually interesting. If you like it please share it with your readers. You can find the site at

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